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This is a special space

To prepare for unforgettable happiness

I'm full of heart

Eventually, expectations swell fluffy

With a heartfelt seasonal menu

Campaign service available

Each person

Providing personal time

Weddings and anniversaries presentations,

Party day and preparation for it

We will provide you with a long-awaited fun time


An important day is for each person

Presentations, Shichigosan, adult ceremonies, etc.

An important day, your beauty

Unique to a beauty salon

We will help you to shine the best

Get close to you and bring out the beauty

Somehow nostalgic

Modern high quality Japanese layer

For safe and secure skin and hair

Suggest a menu

While enjoying the premium beauty with the blessings of nature

You can prepare

We offer total beauty

Hair menu
​-Saturdays and Sundays only-
A wonderful ceremony in a lifetime
Such a scene in kimono
For carefully selected skin and hair for safety
We have a menu
Make sure to have a hair set for your big day
Easy to go and low price
We have a nice beauty treatment salon
Gel nails that do not scrape your nails
From the root with rush soft
Give your eyelashes a perm
Available only on Saturdays and Sundays
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For shining beauty.


Introducing our staff

Introduction of our shop

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