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For shining beauty.


From the first day to the day

Support all of the bride


From bride's hair and makeup to skin care,

From beauty treatment salon , fingertip care

Until bridal nails

All kinds of brides beauty are available


In addition, rehearsals just like the day ,

Dressing of customers in attendance,

From wedding ceremony to reception

All staff "Professional Attendant"


Perfectly support the bride

FOR hair make
 FORJapanese marriage

​​To two people who can have a wedding from now on

I will introduce the schedule from now on

While having a meeting

Let's prepare slowly until the day



Please also see the bridal menu prepared at our salon

​Schedule until the day

Braidal menu


We value the kimono of the day when the heart is tightened and the Japanese spirit.

The popular kimono is based on tradition, but it is nostalgic, and we are particular about modern high-quality kimono.

Kimono specialists are popular for their comfortable kimono that won't fall apart even if you wear it all day long.

Hair make

Dedicated staff until the day of the ceremony

I will take care of you.

We will propose a hairstyle that suits you and suits your outfit .


If you are busy and stressed, the sunny day will be ruined.


Relax your tense heart and spend a blissful time.


Make your own original nails for professional nail technicians with the best dresses and nice smiles

Please choose for me.

​Men's coordination

Let's have the groom standing next to you be nice too.

Casually dress up in style.

Secretly advise on how to escort important things.

Guest coordination

Guests are also important customers.

We also coordinate hair makeup and kimono dressing for guests who celebrate the sunny stage.

With everyday gratitudeHow about Mother's Esthetics?


​customer's voice

We have many brides and grooms every year

I helped you.

Among them, a few voices

I will introduce you

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