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To two people who can have a wedding from now on

Hair & makeup schedule until the day

6 months to 3 months ago Consultation / examination

・ We will consult with you free of charge while looking at the photos of our customers at the salon.

3 to 2 months ago  Application

・ Once you pay the application fee, it will be a formal reservation.

Rehearsal reservation one and a half months ago

・ We will decide according to the customer's convenience and the schedule of the person in charge on the day.

・ Tuesdays and Wednesdays are closed, and on Saturdays and Sundays, we may be on a business trip for weddings, so please check.

1 to 2 weeks ago Rehearsal

・ If you are wearing a kimono, we will guide you to match the wig.

・ You will actually experience hair and makeup with the person in charge on the day while looking at the photo of the dress.

・ After the end, the person in charge will inform you if you need a perm or cut.

・ We will contact the flower shop regarding the number of fresh flower heads.

・ Once the course is decided, we will send you an invoice.

2 weeks ago Perm

☆ If you need a perm, this is the time

1 week ago Coloring relaxation

☆ If you are wearing a kimono, wear a sled

☆ Those who need coloring at this time

☆ We will take care of hand care, facial masks, treatments, etc. while relaxing the busy bride before the wedding.

Final confirmation the day before ・ Nail

・ The person in charge will call you to confirm your time.

☆ If you have a reservation for Bridal Nail / Princess Beauty Care, we are waiting for you at the salon.

Wedding reception on the day  

・ The hair and makeup staff will be ready at the scheduled start time.

I will take care of you with all my heart.

・ We are waiting for you to prepare at the salon.

* A separate fee is required for "☆".

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