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Adult ceremony

Natural make-up that makes you look more cute.

Once you have decided on a kimono, tell us what kind of hair you want to make and consult with us.

The dreaming peach skin beauty treatment will make your skin shiny.

​Seijin-shiki plan

● Dressing ● Hair and makeup

● With one dream peach skin esthetic

¥ 30,800 (tax included)

Schedule until the day comes

If you decide on a kimono, consult with us

Determination of reservation time, etc.

☆ Please tell us what kind of hair you want to make. It's okay if you show me photos, Instagram, etc.

Coloring cut perm

☆ 20% off

Dreaming peach beauty treatment salon

☆ Finished shiny bare skin

The day before OR 2 days ago

☆ Bring your kimono

Anniversary day

Please come to the store with confidence ° ˖✧˖ °

We also accept single item menus.

Please feel free to contact us

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